Monday, December 17, 2012

A blog : Restyling and Redoing

I have to admit : I keep blogging on and off. Sometimes I delete posts, delete a whole blog, thinking it is not appropriate for others to read or thinking what people might say about me.

But now, it's all new. Going to start all over and not looking back. I am starting a blog (again!) and this time I have a lot of things in my mind about my blog.

This is what I have in mind about my blog :-

- I'm going to blog about things that interest me. I don't care if it seems childish, boring, lame (or whatever you want to call it). This is my blog. Not yours. So if you don't like it, the X mark on top of the window is highlighted in red. Click it.

- I also starting a blog to record all my memories. Looking back at my pictures when I was small, it struck me that so many things happened in my life now, but I missed and did not appreciate everything that I'm going through. Be it a new skill I learned, a new recipe, or just a simple dine in with my little family. I'm going to record it all in my blog. So later in my life, I have something to remind me of, something that I can hold on to.

- Looking at other popular blogs, I saw that they make friends with other bloggers. I was hoping the same with my blog too. But I won't settle friends in my hometown only. I'm looking forward to friends from all walk of life.

So there it is. My BLOG. Going to post. Love.Keep.Cherish 

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